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Mi Casa Es Su Casa!

The High Brow Building

On 24th & Main nestled within many amazing eateries and boutiques sits High Brow Social Club.

Owner Joe Brows has owned and operated this building since 2015. “When I saw it I just knew it was mine and oddly, it was not on the market yet but, I manifested it by daily checking and meditating. Then one Friday night I saw it was for sale and by Monday I was signing papers. I had no idea what these walls would truly mean to me. It’s been wonderful to be part of the Uptown Villa Community.”

The building itself gets its energy cleansed monthly by The Spookiest Intuitive, a highly skilled Psychic Medium who has a personal relationship with the stylists and the health of this commercial townhome. This just shows how much love and care goes into this place not only for our stylists but for everyone of our clients. There purposely zero fluorescent lighting for those sensitive to them as well to maintain perfect color matching and balance so no matter what you get it’s completely accurate. Come see why we call ourselves High Brow Social Club, it’s a vibe that you have to experience.

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The Makeup Foyer

These walls are adorned with over 600 makeup/skincare products.

This is where we often greet you and in hopes of inspiring you! We always encourage you to play here with our sanitized testers and disposable applicators. Who do you want to be today? Let us help you reimagine yourself.

The Brow Island

The Brow Island is a little getaway from your daily routine.

Upon entering the Brow Island the mood is set with modern tones and color adjusting walls featuring Sean Mcferren, a Portland Artist who has some very prestigious customers including ourselves. This room is very lively with eclectic music playing from our Bose speakers offering a welcoming atmosphere. When our seats are filled with clients it really puts ‘Social Club’ the the forefront of our name. Come get great brows, a refreshing complimentary drink(Alcoholic or Non-Alcoholic) maybe even a new friend or run into old ones, you will always be in the comfort and care of our talented stylists.

The Lash Lounge

The lash lounge is a calming, light lavender room with splashes of vibrant and modern decor with an abstract allure.

Introspective and fun conversations accompany a complimentary cocktail or beverage if you like! Most of our clients get a power nap in during lash service’s because our stylists have a light and calming energy that you feel through their gorgeous work.

Abigail’s Red Room

The Red Room encompasses Joe Brows personal aesthetic and is his favorite room in the boutique.

Its deep lush red walls are adorned with everything mysterious and slightly spooky. It has a very calming vibe that hosts no judgement whatsoever. It overlooks the beautiful Anthem Park. This delectable room is reserved for Facial Services featuring Hydropeptide products and currently is home to Lip Blushing Services. We will be featuring Microblading and Nano Brows again soon.

High Brow Pop-Up (Felida Location)

High Brow Social Club Unveils Pop-up Shop at The Locksymthe Hair Salon: Elevating Your Brow Game to New Heights.

In a world where beauty trends are constantly evolving, High Brow Social Club has emerged as the go-to destination for those seeking perfectly arched and impeccably groomed eyebrows. With their newest pop-up shop nestled inside The Locksymthe Hair Salon, High Brow Social Club offers an elevated brow experience that complements Felida’s luxurious hair services.

We have some select makeup products available at this location as well. So feel free to pick up some amazing products with your favorite hair care products today conveniently all in one location.