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Meet Our Stylists

Joe Brows

Owner, Master Stylist & Trainer

(13+ Years Beauty Experience)

Joe Brows has been in the beauty industry full force for over 13 years. Beyond holding 6 professional licenses at one time and plenty of certifications, he has many years experience in execution & application, cocktailing makeup which requires skill and ingredient knowledge, training employees and clients with application techniques with exclusively high end brands. His product knowledge is vast and his passion for independent cult makeup brands is why our tagline is CVLTivated CRVFTsmanship.

Here at High Brow Social Club we believe in low impact on the environment and cruelty free products. Pure pigments without all the fillers and allergens/irritants that endless companies put in your products. We boast quality over quantity. Each makeup line has been personally researched and meticulously handpicked products so they complement each other from line to line. Bringing you only the best in cosmetics and service.

Fun Fact: Joe has been doing brows, makeup and hair since a teen in his 90’s DIY punk rock years. “At age 13 I was cutting hair and bleaching it for fashion colors, as well as doing others’ makeup on the daily. I actually didn’t get into the professional beauty industry until I was 28 years old!” He never looked back.

Interests: Oddities collecting and scouting, Vinyl Records, true crime books and horror films and historical cemeteries.

Hobbies: Writing poetry, foodie lifestyle, meditation and exploring; be it an underground punk show or the hidden gems of the PNW.


Advanced Stylist

(7+ Years MUA)

Audrey has an incredible background in Makeup Artistry stemming from Los Angeles with 6+ years experience. She can go from soft and natural to more bold and intricate makeup looks.

Her vast experience has provided her with a natural execution when it comes to all of the services. Her being a Junior Stylist has no bearing on her natural abilities. She is producing some of the most beautiful work here at High Brow Social Club.

Fun Fact: Audrey loves music and father is actually in a very well known Doom Metal Band (which Joe freaked out about!)

Interests: From self expression through Makeup Artistry she also pushes herself physically to the max and will be soon competing in Las Vegas in a deadlift competition.

Hobbies: From doing fun events with her adorable son to going to all kinds of concerts, Audrey is always doing something cool. The real question is what’s her new hobby this week.

Hayley is a driven and talented esthetician. Her passion and excitement for the beauty industry shows through her work. Her attention to detail and precise training has formed her into the esthetician she is today. Hayley joined the esthetics world this year and has proven through hard work and determination that becoming a seasoned professional comes through passion.

Hayley’s specialty is all things skin! From the essential facial to microdermabrasion procedures she can do it all. Hayley has a very hands on approach to skincare and takes her time curating skincare routines for each of her clients. Her favorite service is vacuum suction extractions, she loves leaving her clients feeling clear and fresh faced.

Hayley’s personality is bubbly and fun! She is a great listener and loves to chat with clients. When Hayley isn’t slaying clients you can find her playing with makeup in our makeup shop or in the skincare lab creating new concoctions for her clients.

Fun Fact: Hayley is very open about her skin care struggles throughout her life. She has tried and tested everything under the sun to clear up acne with little to no results. Since working at Highbrow Social club she has been introduced to Hydropeptide, our favorite skincare line. Since using Hydropeptide Hayley’s skin has completely transformed. She is a firm believer in Hydropeptide and their products. Working with a skin care line that has actual results is something that Hayley is very proud of.

Hobbies: Hayley’s hobbies include snuggling her frenchie Kash and watching Real Housewives. She is well versed in Housewives and reality TV drama. Hayley also loves being at the beach as a Southern California girl at heart she can’t get enough sunshine and warm beaches. Her dream is to live on a secluded sunny island when she eventually retires.

Notable Mentions

Past employees who helped shape High Brow into what it is today and where are they now.


Advanced Stylist

(2 Years at HBSC)


Master Stylist & Shift Lead

(3 Years at HBSC)


Master Stylist

(2.5 Years at HBSC)


Master Stylist

(3 Years at HBSC)


Advanced Stylist

(10+ Years MUA & Skincare)

Nancy’s background stems from 10+ years in the makeup and skincare business. Not only that but she has a collective of incredible talent. Nancy has onced ran her own restaurant and even was a realtor at one time! She is sweet and soft spoken but don’t let that fool you. She is brimming with talent and self motivation that is unmatched. You can see it in her work and how she Carrie’s herself.

Nancy has a beautiful 18 year old daughter and comes from an artistic family who helped shape and mold her into this fashionista and incredibly talented woman.

Fun Fact: Nancy actually went to beauty school with Joe Brows! They are close in age as well and kept in touch all this time. Happily now working together, Joe is thrilled to have her here.

Interests: fashion and modeling, reading so many books, meditating and yoga and making everyday matter is her mantra.

Hobbies: Exploring and day dreaming of traveling to her next destination. Creating looks both personally and on others. Nancy is know for collaborating on publications and modeling endeavors.