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A session at High Brow Social Club can vary from 20–180 minutes depending on your service. We give a full consultation. For brows we execute the shape, wax your brows while sitting up in our adjustable boutique chair and then we fine tune them with complimentary redness cover-up and brow styling so you can walk out feeling 100% confident. We also offer brow tinting and other facial waxing. Please select your anticipated services in scheduling so we can offer you the full treatment you deserve. We are not an in and out establishment but time is crucial to meet your needs and other clientele.

We also are very thorough and will explain what we feel that you may need or want to achieve in your service goals. We are not like a nail salon where we do a quick job just for a fast turn around. If that's what your schedule requires then please be advised for brows alone from blueprint to redness cover up, you are looking at on average 20–40 minutes.

We only offer the highest quality wax, including one that is formulated for sensitive skin with a zinc based formula. We use Ciripil hard wax for more coarse hair. Our wax will not burn or tug on your skin, and it is all hypoallergenic.

Don’t fret! We have clients that have all sorts of skin conditions and realize waxing may not be for everyone. We’re more than willing to work around your needs, including only utilizing tweezing fast and efficiently to ensure we don’t upset your skin too much (this is also largely preferred over threading, as threading often involves the need for lots of skin pulling and can be highly unsanitary as the thread is traditionally held in the threader’s mouth).

As for post-wax cover-up, the makeup in our boutique is designed to be gentle on the skin, with our Youngblood concealer created for those with skin ailments as severe as burn tissue. Trust us, you’re in good hands. Please be advised we do use Almond oil and Aloe so if you are allergic please let your technician know before we get started. Other lotions and potions we offer complimentary is witch hazel and Salicylic acid to prevent breakouts for reactive skin types.

Simply go to your email confirmation (immediately received) or text reminder (the day before the appointment) from High Brow Social Club and click the link. It's that simple! 

If for some reason you didn't get either text or email most likely you put in the wrong info and we can fix that when you bring it up to our attention. Call/Text 503.333.2811 (text preferred) your full name and the time of your appointment and we will get back to you shortly.

*All cancellations that are within 12 hours of your appointment will be charged 50% for ALL services (includes lash extensions and microblading).

This is so we can secure your time and spot. We have noticed since implementing this practice we have a lot less no shows which means more efficient booking for all clients especially for last minute cancellations.
You’re welcome to cancel or reschedule your reserved appointment up to 12 hours prior to the appointment time without being charged. However, cancellations within 12 hours of appointment time will result in a late cancel charge of 50% of the appointment fee. As we take everyone’s time seriously, no call/no show will be charged the full cost of their appointment to the card on file.

IMPORTANT: Bank info is triple secured online as well as all emails and phone numbers are only used for reminder text, contacting you directly for your appointments, specials or discounts and your info or data will not be sold. This is for in-house only.

We absolutely understand and are willing to accommodate rescheduling if you’re not feeling well. As a general courtesy, we ask that you please rest and recover before coming in, especially since our services require close contact. It’s helpful in allowing us to provide for you as best we can. Please read our Cold and Flu policy agreement upon booking.

Yes, absolutely! All our brands are Cruelty Free and mostly Vegan. Also all of our products are Gluten Free if you have certain allergens.

We do not allow animals inside the boutique. We strive to keep a clean and sanitary environment and hold ourselves to state laws for standard beauty practices. If a service animal please let us know.

Our cosmetics are exchanged only for an item of equal value or store credit. As long as the product has not been opened nor used. Used products cannot be resold by state law. We wouldn’t want to sell you anything Used! We pride ourselves on being low impact on the environment by not filling the landfills with returned products that big box stores just destroy and throw away in the landfill.

Since we do not offer a return policy, we try to offer a premium environment and customized services. Store lighting sucks! We’re here to combat that with all natural lighting and true to color bulbs that mimic daylight (so you won’t walk out with orange foundation!). We’ll also color match you based on your skin’s undertones. There are testers provided for everything, and even some product samples. No regrets buying here, beauties!

Some services have so many variables and 80% is aftercare which we explain in all of our waivers and policies upon booking. Services are non-refundable. However, we will do our best to accommodate you if you ever feel the service is not at our highest standard and we will always find a way to fix or resolve any issues.

If you are not happy please reach out to Joe Brows, the owner at 503.333.2811 or email at and he will respond as soon as available and assist you.

It’s simply a way to allow you to reschedule or cancel your appointments. This is where you find a link to cancel or reschedule in the body of your email when booking. We do automatically add you to our specials email list however if you wish not to receive this simply go to the specials email and go to the bottom and unsubscribe. However, who doesn't want to save money or possibly get free gifts?! But if you unsubscribe we totally understand but can't guarantee that you won't miss out on specials. Another alternative is to follow our social media (click below)

All of your emails and phone numbers are secured through High Brow Social Club. If ever an old employee contacts you that goes against our agreement and you should speak with the owner Joe Brows. We apologize if you have been solicited.

Per state policy, we cannot service anyone under 10 years old, unless makeup application/tutorials. If you are between the ages of 10 and 17, please have a parent or legal guardian with you at the time of your service. Parent or legal guardian must process their own transaction via credit card if paying for minor.